Want to know how digitised your business is?

This is a test product and provides you with an approximate score. We are working to improve this tool and we believe that with time we can improve this to make more accurate results.

  • The questionnaire consists of 9 simple questions on tools and technologies used in your business at the general level.
  • No question is mandatory but the more questions you answer, the more accurate your score will be.
  • At the end of the test, you will get your score instantly without you having to enter your email and all.
  • The score has a colour band of red, amber, green.
  • To begin your test, click on the button below. But before that please let us know about your company name and industry sector.
  • Your response will only be used for qualitative and quantitative purposes. It won't be shared with anyone outside of our organisation unless asked by the Law.