How about having your own personal virtual card which showcases your company logo, your name, contact, title and a qrcode linked to a link or vcard contact? Sounds interesting?

VCard component takes just few props and slots to create a clean vcard.

Here is one example in action

   <template #socialicons>
     <!-- exclude this section if you don't want social icons otherwise put social icons hyperlinked overhere (eg fontawesome LinkedIn icon hyperlinked to user's LinkedIn profile) -->
   <template #name>
       Aditya Kadam
   <template #title>
   <template #contact>
   <template #qrcode>
       <!-- Can be a QR code component -->
       <img :src="qrCodeImgUrl" class="w-20 h-20" >


Here are the list of props that can be used with this component

Prop Default Value Description
profileImage (type = string) ""

User's profile image url.

companyLogo (type = string) "" Image logo url of the company.
lineColor "" Tailwind CSS background color class.

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