Pre Requisites

  • Vue 3 installed
  • Tailwind CSS installed/integrated

To install the plugin run the following command

npm install @adiranids/vue3-tailwind

Don't forget to include stylings. You can include it globally in main.js/ts or locally in your component

import '@adiranids/vue3-tailwind/dist/style.css'

You can also use it as a CDN

<script src=''></script>

If you are using CDN then you can include the styling as follows

<link rel='stylesheet' href=''></link>


Super simple usage, just import the component and customise it as you like by adding extra css classes

<Button @click="clickme" buttonType="primary" >

Click Me


import {Button} from '@adiranids/vue3-tailwind'
export default{
  components:{ Button }


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